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Demand for second-hand clothing keeps trade alive, despite illegal importation
In 2011, the Ministry of Trade and Industry released a list of the specific types of second-hand clothes that can be imported into Yemen: women's and men's suits, abayas, jackets and ties. Other types of clothes—notably undergarments that would have …
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Second-Hand Clothing Undermines Africa's Economy
2787733 The second-hand clothing industry in parts of Africa is big business. In fact, many charities receive substantial revenue from the sale of this clothes. Why buy a t-shirt for 10 dollars when you can buy one for 32 cents? These trends should …
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Old clothes, linens and leather goods could now mean cash for Westville
The company estimates that 70 percent of the world wears second-hand clothes. The materials collected are sold to fill thrift store chains stateside or go to what Community Recycling calls “micro-entrepreneurial open air, dirt-floor marketplaces around …
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